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Red Jacket E-Z Prime shallow well centrifugal jet pump. Jet pump, centrifugal pump, self priming pump, sprinkler pump, domestic home water supply booster pump, landscape booster pump, includes pressure switch, Red Jacket  pumps.
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For Shallow Well  Applications up to 25 Feet DSL*

  • Primes quickly and easily because impeller and injector are aligned within a case designed for reliable start-up.
  • High head or high capacity performance available.
  • Models range from ½ HP to 1½ HP.
  • Versatile, dual-rated motor (115/230 Volt) with two-compartment housing to keep electrical components clean and allow easy access for service.
  • Shaft and flange design allows for quick and easy maintenance, and motor replacement capability.
  • Conveniently located drain plug to prevent freezing and a specially-designed port for easy cleaning.

* Dynamic Suction Lift

Water on demand is the key feature of Red Jacket Water Products E-Z Prime Jet Pump. By positioning the impeller eye in-line with the injector, a sure, fast prime is achieved every time the pump is activated. This means reliable performance where it counts most – at the discharge. Models are available in ½ through 1½ HP in both high pressure and high capacity ratings.
Red Jacket: A History of High Quality Performance
Pumps that wear the Red Jacket name have a reputation for excellence and engineered simplicity. It’s been that way since Michigan inventor Robert Lafferty developed the first Red Jacket product more than 125 years ago – a double-action iron pump that used both the downward and upward thrusts of the handle to deliver water faster.  ...
... The spark of innovation that marked Red Jacket’s beginnings has burned brightly throughout the company’s history. The Grizzly submersible and the Enduro stainless steel submersible pump further cement their leadership in the water systems market.

Today, the Red Jacket Water Products brand is part of the family of pump products from ITT
Corporation, the world’s leading pump manufacturer. From its headquarters and factory in
Auburn, New York, Red Jacket Water Products continues to manufacture and sell a full range of pumps that serve the water systems market. Its submersible, jet and centrifugal water pumps can be found in homes, farms, industries and municipalities around the world.

Now as part of ITT Corporation, Red Jacket can utilize the corporation’s experience, expertise and resources and build upon past success by introducing new and innovative products into new and existing professional markets.

Customers know the Red Jacket name stands for the highest quality standards in the industry.
Today, as it has been for more than a century, the Red Jacket logo is a symbol of proven
performance, reliability and innovation.
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